Paragon Product Library

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Paragon’s applications are state of the art and Cloud Native. Our software products are all micro-service based. This design approach enables us to build systems that are resilient, easy to maintain, and easily modified. It allows our engineers to make changes that have predictable results with a minimal amount of time and effort.

We constantly monitor changes in programming techniques and determine what programming stack is best for the project at hand while still conforming to our development framework. What all this means is that our customers can be assured that our quality applications will stand the test of time so that an investment in Paragon Software will last for years to come.

Paragon’s wellbeing is based on the relationships we have built with our customers and fellow employees. We will be respectful of the thoughts, feelings, and interests of our fellow workers, our customers, and all those we encounter. Management will maintain an environment that provides for and promotes personal growth and self-improvement for all employees.