FormLab - Form Design Software

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A full featured web compliant form building tool for web and mobile applications.  (see video).

FormLab is a form building tool that has been designed and developed by Paragon.  It has a very easy to use drag and drop interface and no coding required.  The forms that are generated can be used by any external application that might require a data input form.  You can easily embed the form in a website, launch in an email, or share in a link.

FormLab can import and export form values to external databases. It supports math computations and  Boolean logic between fields. Form design is extremely flexible with color, shape, and font support.  When a form design is complete a user can output to different formats such as html for webpage support or JSON for integration with external systems.  FormLab is used by other Paragon products such as OmniScan where data input is required.