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Why Choose Paragon Systems?

When Paragon designed our general product offering, we made sure that all applications were complimentary and that we avoided the use of any third-party closed source applications.  For instance, ParaVista, our browser-based viewer, is used in DocuShield and OmniScan.  All our products have been designed and built from the ground up.  We carefully chose the right development stack for each product with future requirements in mind.


Paragon's Strategy


Paragon’s applications are state of the art and Cloud Native.  Our software products are all micro-service based.  This design approach enables us to build systems that are resilient, easy to maintain, and easily modified.  It allows our engineers to make changes that have predictable results with a minimal amount of time and effort.

Paragon's Teamwork

At Paragon we have several development teams.  We recognized over two decades ago that we needed to put in place a development framework that all our teams could follow.  This has many advantages as we develop and support our software applications.  It means we can perform code review with testing metrics that are the same across our entire product line, it allows us to distribute resources between projects as needed, and collaboration between teams is simplified because all of Paragon’s development staff are using the same best practices.

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Paragon's Quality     


We constantly monitor changes in programming techniques and determine what programming stack is best for the project at hand while still conforming to our development framework.  What all this means is that our customers can be assured that our quality applications will stand the test of time so that an investment in Paragon Software will last for years to come.