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DocuShield is an automated system for the redaction of personally identifiable information (PII).   It is a GDPR security tool for securing an individual’s PII.

  • Advanced AI technology
  • 100s of Redaction Models
  • All Industries
  • Superior Support

Paragon does not use any third-party Cloud Services or APIs for our AI enabled applications.   We made the decision three years ago that AI is a science we need to understand and master, right down to the algorithms that we use for our convolutional networks.


Advanced Redaction Model

DocuShield has two engines for completing the redaction process, a Regular Expression (Regex) engine and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine.   Both these engines together create a powerful tool for discovering and redacting information.

The Regex engine has a user-friendly interface for defining text string patterns for locating private information (PII).   These text string patterns are stored in a dictionary and are assigned to document classes as needed.   Once they are assigned, they are applied to the automated redaction process.

The AI engine utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to discover and redact document information.   When used together with the Regex engine it provides nearly 100% document redaction accuracy.