OmniScan - Best Document Scanning Software

What is Document Scanning?

Document scanning refers to the process of converting paper documents into digital files. These files can then be stored and shared electronically. In addition, they can be easily converted back to physical copies if necessary.

There are many reasons why businesses should consider using document scanning services. One of the biggest advantages of document scanning is that it helps save space. Paper documents take up a lot of room in offices and warehouses. By digitizing these documents, they can be saved and stored digitally.

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OmniScan™ Scanner

OmniScan is an enterprise document scanning solution. Document OCR and Document Scanning Workflow.(see video).

 OmniScan incorporates Paragon Systems’ HTML5 viewing technology, ParaVista, for document viewing.  OmniScan in combination with ParaVista is a powerful tool that gives a user the ability to edit and manage their scanned documents before releasing and exporting them to an external data source.  The advantage of this is that all document editing can be performed within the scanning process.  For instance, we can manually redact scanned documents before they are released to your document repository.

Easily Create Custom Workflows: A OmniScan user can easily create a custom document scanning workflow for processing documents as they are scanned by the operator.  This post processing workflow is determined when the user configures their scanning profiles.  The number of supported profiles is virtually limitless.  Different profiles can be configured by the user in order to accommodate different scanner environments, different object and class associations, different departmental requirements, or other unique processing requirements.  OmniScan document scanning solutions come with an extensive set of APIs that can be used to integrate OmniScan with external databases, document management systems, and file systems.

OmniScan scanning software can also utilize Paragon’s form builder tool FormLab.  FormLab can be used to manage and validate the metadata that is associated with different documents.  The user builds the data capture form and links it with a document class.

OmniScan has been proven time and time again to be the best for document scanning solution. The document OCR and document scanning technology is the perfect tool for your scanning needs.

Manually Redact Documents

Manually redact sensitive information before saving your document. This is a great way to protect sensitive information on electronic documents.

OmniScan - Manually Redact Documents

Create Custom Workflows For Efficient Data Processing

OmniScan allows you to create and organize custom workflows, creating an easy and efficient process for all users.

OmniScan - Create Custom Workflows For Efficient Data Processing

Create Scanning Profiles For Each Need

OmniScan Document Scanning Solutions can manage infinite profile settings. This allows you to switch between a different scanning need.

OmniScan - Create Scanning Profiles For Each Need

Add Metadata to Each Page

OmniScan allows users to add Metadata to documents before saving/releasing to the documents final destination.

OmniScan - Add Meta Data to Each Page