The Intelligent Automation (IA) Platform

DocuShield – The intelligent document redaction solution.

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DocuShield AI™

The fully automated, AI enabled document redaction application for keeping all your documents PII secure and GDPR compliant.

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A powerful, flexible HTML5 browser based document viewer for both desktop and mobile document viewing and annotating.

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A comprehensive document scanning application with built in workflow and form design capabilities.

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A full featured web compliant form building tool for web and mobile applications.

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Ancillary Applications

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A simple file manager for item and metadata storage.  Built to be an alternative to workflow item queuing.

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Fully automated message driven RPA tool that is used to orchestrate processes within the workflow.

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Paragon System's Mission

We will maintain and improve our market position through a continuous effort to create world class software applications.   We will continue to improve our existing product set as well as develop new applications that meet the ever-changing needs of organizations as they morph in response to new technology trends, regulations, and information requirements.   It is our firm belief that artificial intelligance will become an invaluable element in most future workflow-oriented, decision-driven technologies.   We will continue to build our software offerings around the technology of artificial intelligence.   We will improve our understanding and expand our ability to incorporate artificial intelligence in our software applications.

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Paragon System's Vision

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We will continuously strive to improve our software’s security capabilities to fully protect the private information of individuals and organizations around the world.   This effort will position us as a leader in the data capture and security technology industry.

Paragon System's Values

Paragon’s wellbeing is based on the relationships we have built with our customers and fellow employees.   We will be respectful of the thoughts, feelings, and interests of our fellow workers, our customers, and all those we encounter.   Management will maintain an environment that provides for and promotes personal growth and self-improvement for all employees.

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Professional Service Offerings for
Software Delivery, Integration and Support

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AI Custom Services

Paragon can help your organization craft a natural language processing (NLP) AI solution based on your specific needs.  We have the experience it takes to develop custom modeling or custom AI solutions.

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Data Capture Custom Services

We have all the necessary software components to build complete document/data capture solutions and integrate them into your processes.  We can provide our services, or we can train and assist you developers along the way to deployment.

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RPA Custom Services

Paragon offers a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool, TaskMaster that can take a work process and replace it with efficient workflow driven automation.  If you have a need for process automation, we can help.

Why Choose Paragon Systems?

When Paragon designed our general product offering, we made sure that all applications were complimentary and that we avoided the use of any third-party closed source applications.  For instance, ParaVista, our browser-based viewer, is used in DocuShield and OmniScan.  All our products have been designed and built from the ground up.  We carefully chose the right development stack for each product with future requirements in mind.

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Paragon's Strategy

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Paragon’s applications are state of the art and Cloud Native.  Our software products are all micro-service based.  This design approach enables us to build systems that are resilient, easy to maintain, and easily modified.  It allows our engineers to make changes that have predictable results with a minimal amount of time and effort.

Paragon's Teamwork

At Paragon we have several development teams.  We recognized over two decades ago that we needed to put in place a development framework that all our teams could follow.  This has many advantages as we develop and support our software applications.  It means we can perform code review with testing metrics that are the same across our entire product line, it allows us to distribute resources between projects as needed, and collaboration between teams is simplified because all of Paragon’s development staff are using the same best practices.

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Paragon's Quality     

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We constantly monitor changes in programming techniques and determine what programming stack is best for the project at hand while still conforming to our development framework.  What all this means is that our customers can be assured that our quality applications will stand the test of time so that an investment in Paragon Software will last for years to come.

Paragon Product Library

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DocuShield AI Technology
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ParaVista™ HTML5 Viewer
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OmniScan™ Document Scanner
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FormLab™ Form Builder
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